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Sex Trafficking

We are outraged about what is being done to women and girls in India, and we are uncompromising in our fight to end it by 2025.

The issue

It is estimated that there are 10 million women and girls in prostitution in India; many of them are women and girls who are held captive in India’s brothels, where violent beatings and even death are all too common.

These women and girls have been trafficked – tricked or kidnapped and coerced into sexual slavery. Most of these girls were sold by their parents.

Poor village girls are typically targeted, with promises of schooling, jobs or marriage. Parents do not have the means or knowledge to know better.

The Statistics

These statistics prove why we must remain on red alert until the end of large scale sex trafficking India.

18.3 Million Slaves

India has been listed as the country with the most slaves: an estimated 18.3 million according to The Global Slavery Index.

Young Girls Sold Into Sexual Slavery

200,000 Indian children are sold into slavery each year, many by their parents who don't know better. Girls as young as 6 years old are trafficked for sexual exploitation.

Only 1% Rescue Rate

Globally, 98% of sex slaves are women and girls; currently only 1% of these girls will be rescued.

What can we do about this?

The Solution

Our approach to preventing sex trafficking in India has three pillars.


Learn more in depth on the issue, and the innovative materials we have developed to tackle it. You can read them online or download copies for use with permission.

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