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Domestic Violence Helpline 1800 212 9131 9333 40 4141

Anti-Trafficking Helpline 1800 419 8588

Our stories

Get to know the families we educate, the villages we help keep safe, the trainers who are in the field, and the stories that inspire us to keep going.

Meet Bhavani

Bhavani was born in a poor faily in Pileru, Chittoor District of Andhra Predesh. One day, when Bhavani was only 12 years old, her aunty insisted that she get married to a man named Amar who worked in Delhi. Her parents agreed.

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Partnerships Growing in West Bengal

In the last year 400 girls have gone missing from one village –Odlabari Jalpijguri, West Bengal. 150 of these were reported, while the others were not pursued because a family member was involved in the case and the relatives don’t want to ruin their lives. In this village, Operation Red Alert is working with local NGO Doars Express and the SSB (Special Service Bureau’s Lead Intelligence Agency on the Indo-Nepal and Bhutan borders) to educate families and young girls on trafficking.



Sadaf’s classmate is a true example of a Guardian girl. She reported the case through our helpline and now Sadaf is back home safe.

Nazima’s story

Nazima is a 15-year-old who dreams of becoming a school teacher and is very studious. For a while, she wasn’t able to attend school because her mother, Alek Jaan, couldn’t afford to send her and her little sister. Her father died in 2015 when Nazima was in 6th grade.


Meet Deepika and Payal

Deepika* and Payal* are 17 years old, and best of friends, rescued at the Mumbai railway station and set back home!


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