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Red Alert Saves Lives!

Big Data Analytics Helps India Nonprofit Prevent Human Trafficking.

Why Prevention Matters

9 April 2018  |  Operation Red Alert

Staying on top of trends and remaining agile in our approach to end trafficking is essential if we are to combat the traffickers and put an end to their work. We must do more than keep up with their ever-evolving tactics. Operation Red Alert works with over 80 partners across India, with whom we are […]

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Jaanvi’s Story

5 June 2017  |  Operation Red Alert

On May 16th the Red Alert Helpline received a call from a village in West Bengal claiming that a 13-14 year old girl was to be married off and that we must come stop it. The wedding date, she said, had been fixed for May 22nd. Operation Red Alert treats every Child Marriage case with the urgency of a potential trafficking case, and our team immediately activated our local Implementing Partners Sabuj Sangha to provide localized support.

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Sumaiya’s Story

1 June 2017  |  Operation Red Alert

One day when no one was at home, Sumaiya ran away from her house to the school. She cried and convinced her headmaster to stop this marriage with an unknown man. The headmaster immediately called local Block Development Officer [BDO] and childline. Childline team came to Sumaiya’s home and educated them on the consequences of early child marriage.

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Being a Guardian Girl

17 February 2017  |  Operation Red Alert

Sadaf’s classmate is a true example of a Guardian girl. She reported the case through our helpline and now Sadaf is back home safe.

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First Impact Report

9 February 2017  |  Operation Red Alert

Operation Red Alert of My Choices Foundation is 3 years old and this is our 1st Impact Report!

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CVC Strengthening Makes a Difference

18 November 2016  |  Operation Red Alert

A core mission of our SVPs is to strengthen the local CVC so that it can play its part in preventing trafficking. This story shows how it’s happening!

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12 year old boy is now ‘home’!

15 June 2016  |  Operation Red Alert

With the help of our networking partner, MBWCWS (Murshidabad Blessing For Women and Children) in West Bengal. Operation Red Alert has successfully found a missing child and reunited him with his parents after 19 days.

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12-year-old girl saved from forced marriage

12 April 2016  |  Operation Red Alert

With the help of The Social Service Centre in Eluru which is a CHILDLINE service provider (Hereafter referred to as CHILDLINE), Operation Red Alert has successfully saved a 12-year-old girl from entering a forced child marriage scheduled to occur on 20 April 2016, in a small village called Racharla, Pentapadu Mandal, Alampuram in Andhra Pradesh. […]

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Helpline Update

22 March 2016  |  Operation Red Alert

Operation Red Alert launched India’s first National Helpline exclusively for sex trafficking last year in the month of October and the response has been nothing less than overwhelming. We have received over 1,000 calls from 500 unique callers in the past 4 months!

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