Operation Red Alert | A united voice to end large scale sex-trafficking in India by 2025.

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Our Work

Operation Red Alert aims to end sex trafficking in India. We have positioned our work to fill one major gap in the national response to trafficking – prevention.

Asian Anti-Trafficking Forum

The World Day Against Trafficking In Persons is on 30 July, and in observance of this day, Operation Red Alert of My Choices Foundation organises the Asian Anti-Trafficking Forum. The first Asian Anti-Trafficking Forum was organised in Hyderabad, India on 29 – 30 July 2019. This forum aims to bring together key stakeholders to analyse and discuss strategies to fight human trafficking.

Our 3-pillar approach

Operation Red Alert began in early 2014 with the vision to end sex trafficking in India by preventing girls from ever entering it. We spent 18 months building relationships with long standing NGOs in the field and listening to their concerns about the gaps in the national response, conducting landmark research into compulsions behind the behaviour of men who buy and sell girls for sex, and developing messaging that inspires lasting change. Building our 3 Pillars took time, and they are now each making an impact.

The number one barrier to ending human trafficking is awareness. The general Indian public is still largely unaware that trafficking exists, let alone that India has disproportionately more slaves than any other country in the world. We aim to see trafficking become something every Indian is committed to ending. If we are on #RedAlert, India's daughters will be safe.

Prior to our helpline, there was no exclusive, national helpline for sex trafficking. With 95 million mobile phones in the country this is an opportunity to put the power to take action in the hands of those who need it most. The helpline is based on a coalition effort of Operation Red Alert's partner NGOs, each providing different services to different geographic zones in India.

Eradicate by Grassroots Education

Preventing trafficking is impossible if we do not educate the families and villages that traffickers are targeting. In India, most families have no idea that their girls are being taken and sold into sexual exploitation. Most NGO's efforts are spent in rescue and rehabilitation of trafficked girls. The Operation Red Alert Safe Village Toolkit is reaching at risk villages around India, teaching families how to keep their daughters safe.

Our Impact

Operation Red Alert has 100+ Implementing Partners in 8 states and has conducted more than 5,000 Safe Village Programs. We just published our second Impact Report as a part of My Choices Foundation’s 5 Year Impact Report, providing statistics on our impact and stories about prevention-in-action. Read the report to find out more!

Our Stories

We celebrate stories of awareness, transformation of mindsets, and real action taken to end trafficking. These are the stories of our field workers, beneficiaries, and partners!


Sadaf’s classmate is a true example of a Guardian girl. She reported the case through our helpline and now Sadaf is back home safe.s

Nazima’s story

Nazima is a 15-year-old who dreams of becoming a school teacher and is very studious. For a while, she wasn’t able to attend school because her mother, Alek Jaan, couldn’t afford to send her and her little sister. Her father died in 2015 when Nazima was in 6th grade.