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We invite you to join our online conference on 30 July 2020 from 10:00am to 12:00pm (IST) on the occasion of World Day Against Trafficking In Persons LIVE on YouTube!

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We are proud to present the world’s 1st documentary VR Film on sex-trafficking in India.  Find out how you can watch it!


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Read about what’s happening in the field, who we’re working with, who’s benefitting, what are the challenges and impact!


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To end large scale sex-trafficking in India by 2025. You can run an awareness program in your community, donate and more.


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the 3 pillar approach

Operation Red Alert has developed a 3 pillar approach to preventing sex trafficking in India. The 3 pillars are based on 18 months of research.


What is the issue?

Every few minutes a girl is sold into sex slavery. The average age of these girls is 12. Only 1% of them are ever rescued. The road to rehabilitation, if she is rescued, is extremely difficult. Yet, there are very few NGOs working to prevent this from happening.

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Our 3-Pillar approach

Operation Red Alert has developed a 3 Pillar approach to prevent the trafficking of girls. Our aim is to stop trafficking before it reaches families and steals girls’ lives.

Expose by Mass Media Campaign

The number one barrier to ending human trafficking is awareness. The general Indian public is still largely unaware that trafficking exists, let alone that India has disproportionately more slaves than any other country in the world. We aim to see trafficking become something every Indian is committed to ending. If we are on #RedAlert, India's daughters will be safe.

Empower by National Helpline

Prior to our helpline, there was no exclusive, national helpline for sex trafficking. With 95 million mobile phones in the country this is an opportunity to put the power to take action in the hands of those who need it most. The helpline is based on a coalition effort of Operation Red Alert's partner NGOs, each providing different services to different geographic zones in India.

Eradicate by Grassroots Education

Preventing trafficking is impossible if we do not educate the families and villages that traffickers are targeting. In India, most families have no idea that their girls are being taken and sold into sexual exploitation. Most NGO's efforts are spent in rescue and rehabilitation of trafficked girls. The Operation Red Alert Safe Village Toolkit is reaching at risk villages around India, teaching families how to keep their daughters safe.

Latest updates

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Why Prevention Matters

9 April 2018  |  Operation Red Alert

Staying on top of trends and remaining agile in our approach to end trafficking is essential if we are to combat the traffickers and put an end to their work. We must do more than keep up with their ever-evolving tactics. Operation Red Alert works with over 80 partners across India, with whom we are […]

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Jaanvi’s Story

5 June 2017  |  Operation Red Alert

On May 16th the Red Alert Helpline received a call from a village in West Bengal claiming that a 13-14 year old girl was to be married off and that we must come stop it. The wedding date, she said, had been fixed for May 22nd. Operation Red Alert treats every Child Marriage case with the urgency of a potential trafficking case, and our team immediately activated our local Implementing Partners Sabuj Sangha to provide localized support.

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Sumaiya’s Story

1 June 2017  |  Operation Red Alert

One day when no one was at home, Sumaiya ran away from her house to the school. She cried and convinced her headmaster to stop this marriage with an unknown man. The headmaster immediately called local Block Development Officer [BDO] and childline. Childline team came to Sumaiya’s home and educated them on the consequences of early child marriage.

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Partner with us

It’s time that we as NGOs, Government bodies, and individuals become better organized than the traffickers are. Are you working towards ending human trafficking in India? Let’s work together!

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Get the latest and most interesting news about our cause and work!

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