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How We Help

An introduction to the four main ways we help Indian women and communities overcome domestic violence.

PeaceMaker program The Lotus Safe Home Strategic initiatives Strategic partnerships

PeaceMaker program

PeaceMakers are local women who have been trained in family and marriage counseling, as well as all aspects of the Domestic Violence Act. This program has proven extremely successful and is now being carried out across 3 cities in Telangana.

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Strategic Initiatives

While the PeaceMaker Program works to help individuals and families facing abuse, our strategic initiatives work to bring awareness at the community level and prevent violence and abuse.

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Strategic Partnerships

Operation PeaceMaker teams up with a variety of local, national and international organisations who share a vision to empower women and heal families.

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The Lotus Safe Home

Short stay home for survivors of domestic violence. Providing a loving, peaceful and safe environment for women in crisis.

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Become a Partner

Violence and exploitation will end when we’re all ready to work together. We believe in making friends, and working together!


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