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Madhuri and Martin

Our stories

These stories of transformation are more than proof that Operation PeaceMaker’s programs are working. They are the inspiration that keep us going.

Sandhya, Pavani & Pallavni’s story


Pavani and Pallavi’s education was interrupted when their mother Sandhya made the brave choices to escape 16 years of daily abuse and move to a safe home. Now, the girls are ready for school again, and Sandhya is working hard to start a new life. Will you help them?


Madhuri and Martin’s story

Client Story

After 14 years of abuse, Madhuri decided she needed to take action. With help of an Operation PeaceMaker counsellor she and her husband Martin began working together to find peace.


Shravani’s story

client Story

When Shravani met a PeaceMaker she had already purchased poison to take her own life. From the day of her marriage she faced mental torment and physical abuse at the hands of her husband. “After 9 years of hopelessness I have been given a new beginning” says Shravani.


Teyaba’s story


When Teyaba moved to her husband’s family home she was cut off from her own family and faced beatings and Teyaba has one message for others facing abuse and violence in the home: “The very first time abuse happens, get help. GO and find someone who can help you, guide you, and get you out of it. Don’t wait!”


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