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Founder Elca Grobler writes about gender based violence and what inspired her to pursue the idea of training local women to be #peacemakers and #changeagents.

Increasing Dating Violence

18 May 2016  |  Operation PeaceMaker

The culture in India is slowly changing so that dating is becoming a normal practice for much of the country’s youth. Consequently, there has been a rise in incidences of dating violence.

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Why it’s time India criminalised marital rape

16 May 2016  |  Operation PeaceMaker

It is time to join the 104 countries around the world that allow marital rape to be prosecuted under the law and give the wives of India the right to live a life free from abuse and fear.

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Help send Pavani and Pallavi back to school

10 May 2016  |  Operation PeaceMaker

Pavani and Pallavi’s education was interrupted when their mother Sandhya made the brave choices to escape 16 years of daily abuse and move to a safe home. Now, the girls are ready for school again, and Sandhya is working hard to start a new life. Will you help them?

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Why #Respect2Protect?

8 December 2015  |  Operation PeaceMaker

Let’s try to understand the theme of this campaign and the target behind it. As stated above, society has chosen many relationship to protect a woman, however, abuses and discriminations that we see every day is still the reality.

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Warangal Team Expansion

23 November 2015  |  Operation PeaceMaker

Warangal city is Telangana state’s second largest city, and strategically one of the most important areas of the work of the My Choices Foundation.

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