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Founder Elca Grobler writes about gender based violence and what inspired her to pursue the idea of training local women to be #peacemakers and #changeagents.
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Beyond Triple Talaaq

9 April 2018  |  Operation PeaceMaker

Muslim Family Law leaves interpretation up to local clerics, and it is only in the instance that the case goes to court that legal processes are considered. Indian courts have repeatedly knocked down the right to instantaneous triple talaaq, but this has no bearing on practices across the country because the legal process has yet to be codified.

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Lotus Fund

9 April 2018  |  Operation PeaceMaker

The lotus flower is a symbol of great resilience in spite of adversity, of the ability to let go and become detached from trouble, and of purity and beauty. It is a symbol of rebirth.

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Secunderabad Centre Expansion

24 May 2017  |  Operation PeaceMaker

In December 2015, we responded to the need for localised support by launching the Secunderabad Counselling Centre! This centre is proving to be as pivotal as we anticipated, and is operating with its own dedicated team of PeaceMakers and two Counsellors.

Now, it’s time to expand.

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Shakti Program with Asima

Launch of the Shakti Program

18 May 2016  |  Operation PeaceMaker

Shakti is a long term monitorship program for girls aimed at equipping them to make choices to secure their safety the the potential of their futures. Shakti launched in 2016 with the goal of reaching 200 girls in 2016.

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Increasing Dating Violence

18 May 2016  |  Operation PeaceMaker

The culture in India is slowly changing so that dating is becoming a normal practice for much of the country’s youth. Consequently, there has been a rise in incidences of dating violence.

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