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Engaging Young Boys To Reduce And Prevent Gender-Based Violence

18 March 2021  |  My Choices Foundation

“There are many NGOs working on women and girls’ issues, but I can’t recall any NGO that works with issues concerning boys. I feel the latter is very serious as well, one that calls for our attention, which is why I’m so happy to be part of this along with Aangan Trust and My Choices […]

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Sarita’s walk towards freedom

15 March 2021  |  My Choices Foundation

Sarita was married at 21. She didn’t know that her husband was an alcoholic when they got married. 11 years have passed with sleepless nights, broken bones and dried tears because of high levels of violence, harassment and abuse. When she was pregnant, she was badly beaten up by her husband and in-laws. Her mobile […]

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My Choices Foundation holds media sensitisation workshop on anti-child trafficking in West Bengal

8 March 2021  |  My Choices Foundation

In an initiative to enable media to capture anti-child trafficking issues and pave the way to prevent child trafficking, My Choices Foundation conducted a one-day media sensitisation workshop at Birbhum, West Bengal on 8 March 2021.  Lieutenant Dr. Hemanta Saha, Professor of Botany at Vidhya Sagar College in Birbhum inaugurated the programme and spoke on […]

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Survivor’s guide to getting through Valentine’s Day

12 February 2021  |  My Choices Foundation

Valentine’s Day tends to trigger survivors of violence and abuse. Flowers and chocolates – a staple of Valentine’s Day as well as an apology gift – reminds survivors of the trauma they had been subjected to by their abuser.  While the road to recovery may not be a smooth sailing boat, here are some things […]

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Love shouldn’t hurt: Valentine’s Day from the eyes of survivors of violence

8 February 2021  |  My Choices Foundation

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is in the air. We may associate this day with love, affection, chocolates and flowers but it is not the same for everyone. Valentine’s Day can be a trigger for survivors of abuse and violence.  In the past, brands have tried to align themselves to market this day […]

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Orange the World: End Gender Based Violence

25 November 2020  |  My Choices Foundation

A 19-year-old woman was gang-raped by four men. Woman was beaten to death by her in-laws for dowry. 35-year-old woman was locked inside the toilet for over a year by her husband. Class 7 girl was raped and forced to marry.   These are only a few of the many heartbreaking incidents that happened in […]

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Shobha’s Decision For A Better Future

11 October 2020  |  My Choices Foundation

15-year old Shobha* loves to study and says, “It makes me so happy and is a way for a better life”. She works hard to ace her board exams now. Without your help, she would have resorted to prostitution out of desperation to support her family.  Born in a poor background, Shobha’s parents struggled hard […]

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Celebrating International Day Of The Girl: Make The Unheard Heard

11 October 2020  |  My Choices Foundation

On International Day of the Girl, we celebrate the strength and potential of girls across the world. This day is an opportunity to reinforce the needs and challenges girls face while promoting girls’ empowerment and the fulfilment of their human rights. My Choices Foundation stands with girls everywhere as they break stereotypes, push boundaries, lead […]

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Aarohi Finds Herself And Her Future

11 October 2020  |  My Choices Foundation

This drawing is an expression of a 17-year old girl, Aarohi at My Choices Foundation’s Safe Home. SCARED AND WITHDRAWN Aarohi* couldn’t bring herself to talk about what happened to her when our Safe home social worker met her. She was dressed as a boy and refused to identify herself as a girl due to […]

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month – October 2020

1 October 2020  |  My Choices Foundation

October is recognized as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It was initiated with the purpose of changing the attitudes of society to a zero-tolerance approach to domestic violence, to create policy changes, increase the understanding of the impact of domestic violence on the victims, and to provide programs and education that will facilitate this change.  The […]

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