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Prevent Child Trafficking In Villages

Our Safe Village Programs spread awareness among adults and children on protecting children from sex trafficking in rural India. The two-day awareness program runs workshops to educate fathers, mothers and children living in villages on: the rights of children (including the right to an education), the POCSO Act, the dangers of child marriage, protecting children from sex trafficking, protecting children from pornography, keeping children safe on social media, and the importance of being informed on the dangers children face. Our messages to children are through a comic book that we have created and translated into the local language. Your donation will cover the expenses of the two field workers’ honorarium and food and travel to conduct a two-day Safe Village Program in a village of approximately 500 people.


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Support One PeaceMaker To Help Victims Of Violence

PeaceMakers are local women trained to identify signs of domestic violence in their communities and help women reach a positive outcome through counsellors at our counselling centre. PeaceMakers go door-to-door to educate women on their rights and help prevent abuse by running awareness workshops in schools and communities and provide support to survivors of abuse. Each PeaceMaker provides services to around fifty families each year.

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Support One Woman At Our Safe Home

The Lotus Safe Home is a temporary shelter for victims of domestic violence which provides women in crisis with shelter, counselling services, legal aid and vocational training to help them get back on their feet in a safe, loving and peaceful environment. The Lotus Safe Home can accommodate up to 12 women and their minor children. The cost of running the Lotus Safe Home for one month is US$ 430 which covers: an honorarium for the vocational trainer, honorarium for the trauma therapist, transportation expenses, materials for vocational training, medical expenses, legal fees and essential needs such as food, sanitary products, clothing and miscellaneous costs. Your donation of US$ 35 will support one victim of domestic violence for one month at the Lotus Safe Home.


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Prevent Child Trafficking In Urban Slums

Our Safe Urban Programs teach girls and boys living in urban slums how to keep themselves safe and build a volunteer base within the community to keep vigil and report suspicious activity. In urban slums, there is unsafe migration, rampant sexual exploitation, illegal domestic servitude and gender-based violence. Traffickers increasingly target young girls and boys through promises of education, jobs, friendship or marriage. We aim to help these young girls and boys build confidence to keep themselves and their community safe from violence and trafficking. Your donation will help us cover the expenses of conducting one Safe Urban Program in one urban slum. Your donation will cover the honorarium for four field workers, materials required for training and travel, and food expenses.  


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Care Package For A Child Rescued At The Station

Children stranded at railway stations are vulnerable to emotional, physical and sexual exploitation. My Choices Foundation was selected to run the CHILDLINE help desk at Nampally Railway Station, and in addition to CHILDLINE services, we give a special Child Care Package to comfort and ease the distress of each rescued child. The Child Care Package is a bag that contains a set of clothing, a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, sanitary products for girls, a toy (either a puzzle or a teddy bear), a packet of biscuits, a book to read, pencils, a notebook, a towel, and a pair of slippers for each child who is rescued from the station and safely reunited with their families or placed in safe homes. Your donation will help us gift one Child Care Package to one rescued child.  


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General Donation To My Choices Foundation

A General Donation can be made to My Choices Foundation which goes toward the program which has the greatest need.

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Support Our Work

Your donations make it possible for us to give women and girls the choice to live a life free from violence and exploitation. 

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